Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Up....Then Down Again

Poor Emily :-(( This infection is really taking it out of her. Although she was OK yesterday afternoon and for yoga, by bedtime last night she'd been sick twice more, had coughing fits to olympic standards and was exhausted and utterly miserable. She had another really restless night, but seemed a bit better this morning. It wasn't to last - by 2.30 she was shivering, pale and feeling sick again. She's absolutely worn out with it all, and weak too. She's lost seven pounds over the last ten days :-(( It's really distressing for her, because every time she seems to be getting a little better it comes back with a vengeance again. Poo.

Whilst she was feeling better this morning, we did manage to get some maths done, and some English, working on describing settings. After lunch we just about had time to work on some music stuff - copying different 4 beat rhythms, and a pitch exercise to work out the tune to Old MacDonald on the xylophone by ear - before poorliness took over again. Played a sniffly game of Simpons Life and collapsed onto the settee to watch discovery kids.

I can't remember the last time Emily was this ill, for this long. She's put up with nine full days of utter rotten-ness now, and there isn't really an end in sight. Sure, she's had colds and sore throats and things, but they normally pass within 24-48 hours. Don't know whether we'll make it to tai chi and drama tomorrow; had drama been on this afternoon, she definitely wouldn't have been well enough to go, so we'll have to wait and see. Parenting really sucks when the one thing you want to do more than anything else - make the hurt and illness go away - is the one thing you're powerless to control.

Oh yes; and if we're told once more by a grandparent that we "shouldn't have let her go out in the snow" (this was the snow a fortnight ago, when she was perfectly healthy) I think I shall scream. Yep, letting a healthy seven year old play out in and enjoy the snow. Shockingly irresponsbile parenting. We should have kept her locked in the broom cupboard, obviously.

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Hazel said...

((((Huggles)))) to Emily. xxx