Thursday, October 13, 2005

100th Blog Post!

Hmmm, so I've sat here typing this kind of thing ~(instead of working like I should be!) 100 times. Wonder how much more I'd have got done this last few months if I didn't have a blog!

We had a very good music session this afternoon. Emily did the first two lessons in Recorder Magic Book 1, which she seems to have really taken to well. Spent lots of time clapping rhythms, learning about crotchets and quavers, mastring the finger positions for notes A and B and learning to read/recognise the same notes on the stave. Emily's very keen. Only problem is that I'm not sure her fingers are long enough to quite get the stretch for some of the other notes. Guess we'll see. We do have an electric organ downstairs that was mine when I was about 10; if the recorder doensn't work out then I'll have to look into teaching Emily on that instead.

Also, Black Cat Compose arrived the other day. Haven't loaded it yet, but it looks good. With that and some kind of practical music option, I guess we'll have music covered, in case any LEA bods were wondering!

What else today? Ah yes; we went on a rekky to Toys R Us to get some inspiration for Christmas/Birthday. Bless her, Emily didn't find much she actually liked! I was wondering around the shop going "oooh, look at this!" and she was looking at me as if I was slightly barmy before gently pointing out that she wasn't keen on whatever it was. Couldn't even interest her in a new baby doll to replace "Eddie" (as in the baby Prince Edward, son of Henry VIII). Or rather, to complement Eddie, since we're lacking a baby Elizabeth and a baby Mary. But nope, she didn't like/want any of them.

The tie dye clothes came out wonderfully well, so were very pleased with them. Spent a happy half hour this morning playing servants - Emily had written out various Tudor type servant jobs last night and made a lucky dip of them, so we got to pretend to be two maids fighting over who got the yuckiest jobs and bargaining over who could do the cushiest ones. She's also spent ages on arts and crafts today, making some lovely shiny butterflies among other things.

Jon's been off for a very encouraging doctor's appointment this evening; his blood results are steadily going down, his cholesterol and blood pressure are perfect, so that's all good news :-)

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Kris said...

Congrats on the 100th post! lol I've no idea how many posts I've done.

Must arrange a time to wander over and collect books, admire kittens, do the 'socialisation' thing, etc. :) See if I can get some of Emily's enthusiasm for writing to rub off on Myf!