Friday, October 14, 2005

Friday Already?

I really don't know where this week has gone. We haven't got round to half the things I had planned! I'm not sure whether that's an indication of my hopeless organisational/planning skills, but I prefer to think it must at least also be an indication of how effortlessly Emily amuses herself these days. She has so much stuff she wants to do; at least she's never bored, even if the things she wants to do don't necessarily correspond to the things I want her to do, at any given moment!

We did lots of work this morning; more sequenced writing to begin with. A few pages of division exercises next. Emily breezed through those when they were phrased 12 divided by 3, 15 divided by 5, or how many 3s in 9 etc etc. When we turned to a prettified Yr 2 workbook, however, and discovered them phrased as '12 leaves shared between 3 groups of caterpillars, how many does each caterpillar get?' it completely boggled her. She does have a thing about using the "proper" terminology, and gets quite upset (and confused!) when things are phrased in a supposedly more helpful and child friendly way. Gawd knows how she'd be coping in school with colouring groups of teddies and things.

Next Emily did a test at the back of one of the Yr2 science workbooks. I'd left her to her own devices with that for a bit, and was amused when I came back to discover that she's been through illustrating plant anatomy complete with bird poo spots, naming animal classification families like crustaceans and arachnids when it asked for a list of things which were alive (?????? Are they supposed to find this hard at 7???), correcting their terminology (her favourite is correcting "seeing" to sight and "feeling" to touch) and inventing the most off the wall possible answers to 'name seven things which can be recycled'. She has professed herself thoroughly bored with KS1 level science, and frankly I don't blame her. Think we'll skip ahead a bit there.

This afternoon we went swimming again (seem to be living in that pool at the moment) and Emily had a ball practising her straight leg kicks using floats, more actual swimming (gasp!) and more jumping in. The little pool was closed today, though, which did knock her confidence a bit, but she must have enjoyed it 'cos as usual she didn't want to get out after an hour and a half.

Meanwhile, I've been rejecting commissions from US magazines whose idea of a decent rate of pay would be laughable if it wasn't so annoying, frantically trying to ebay more, watching in wonder as Jon steams ahead and somehow manages to get everything done, and wondering how we're going to fit in all the looming deadlines over the weekend. Pretty much as normal, then.

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