Thursday, October 20, 2005

Emotional Memories

This isn't of much interest to anyone who doesn't know us personally, but I'm putting it up here for family.

After Emily's traumatic birth, Jon wrote a birth story for the UK parents website, where I was at the time providing astrology services. They published it, and kept it in their archives until very recently when the site was redesigned. A few months after it was published, a London teaching hospital asked for permission to use it as a case history for midwife training, which were were pleased to give - but it only jsut occurred to me a week ago, when looking at the new UK parents site, that we didn't have a copy of the original text. Very kindly, the team at UK parents tracked it down for me, and sent me a copy. I've published it in the private part of here

Emotional and traumatic memories indeed. But look how far Emily's come! :-)))


Kris said...

What an incredible story. Thank you for sharing that. :)

Hazel said...

That's beautiful Jon. x