Thursday, October 27, 2005

Romeo settled down for a nap at the top of the verrrrry tall kitty haven. Posted by Picasa


Kris said...

Oh wow, that playtower looks fab! Do they do one in child size? Can imagine the hours of fun my three would have on it. Was enough trying to keep Piglet out of the springy tube thing. lol

What does the tooth fairy bring in your house? Our tooth fairy brings money for bottom teeth and books for top teeth, you know.

Nikki said...

Tooth fairy here brings a boring old pound coin...but I think I'll have a word with her; hadn't thought of bringing something different. Emily gets books with nearly every book delivery we have, so maybe not books, but will have to see if said TF can wave her wand over a different kind of treat. Hmmm. Thinking cap on.

Cat playtower gives kitties access to climbing curtains and up to the very top of our tall drinks/display cabinet...Romeo bumped his head on the ceiling this moring.... :-/// Not sure you'd want Piglet doing same ;-)))