Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Kitty Freedom! (Well, kind of....)

Yes folks, today was Garden Day. Emily, me and Jon in the garden plus two kittens on harnesses and leads :-)))

Unfortunately, the grass was soaking wet, which didn't go down at all well to begin with. Even more unfortunately, somebody nearby was using some kind of power tool, which also didn't go down well. So the episode began with Juliet frantically climbing up people's legs in terror, and Romeo refusing to move in case he got his paws wet.

They soon settled, though, and an entertaining hour was had by all once they'd found their feet and started to explore. Cassandra, who was sleeping near the shed, was possibily less delighted than the rest of us when she realised that her last remaining bit of kitten free territory was about to be breached. But at least she only walked off slowly and disdainfully instead of dashing out into the road in a panic, as she would have done a few weeks ago. So, from now on we'll take them out for an hour or so each day until.....well, I don't know until when, really. Until such time as we're brave enough to let 'em go. Have no idea when that will be!! Here's Romeo (top) and Juliet getting their first tastes (and smells) of Garden:

Kitten/garden excitment aside, we have managed some work today. Fractions and story planning. Oh yes, and we talked about the circulatory system and made red water spurt (everywhere....) out of a plastic four chambered heart thingy. Emily also did a 300 piece Brilliant Bodies jigsaw showing the organs and circulation. At the moment, she and Jon are finishing watching the Horrible Histories DVD. Emily also had great fun this morning browsing through the mailorderexpress.com site. The wish list thingy there is a hell of a faff, having to fill in email addresses every time, so I said she could just put stuff in the basket for fun. Ahem. Last time I looked at it, our basket stood at £778....and she hasn't even started looking at the arts/crafts section yet. Okkaaay.

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Hazel said...

Ahh, they look so sweet! Will have to get some of those for the guinea pigs ;o)