Saturday, October 22, 2005

Good Old Barbie

Went to see Magic of Pegasus today. Not many people there; I thought it would be packed. Cute film. Good old fashioned fairy tale stuff. Went on about half an hour too long for adult tastes, but Emily loved it, especially as we got to see it in 3D.

We also went to the 20/21 Visual Arts Centre for their Big Draw events. Ummm. That was not so good. I don't know what was going on there, but the place was in total choas when we arrived, with police restraining drunks, gangs of menacing teenagers everywhere and not a hint of the enormous maze or clay witch making session that was advertised. Just some kids drawing witches on bits of scrap paper. Okkkkaaay. We can do that at home, thanks. Maybe we just picked a bad moment to go; sure hope they got their act sorted out for anyone going later in the day.

So, we had a good old nose around the market instead and bought lots of bits, before heading home for a mammoth baking session. We now have plenty of scones :-))

Nanny McPhee opens at the cinema today, I think, and there were also posters up for Oliver. According to Emily, then, we have rather a packed week ahead, as we need to fit in a viewing of Nanny McPhee (Jon's just finished reading her the book, which was fantastic), a viewing of Oliver, two lots of swimming "at least", two visits to friends, ballet, next weekend's event at the 20/21 centre and a trip to the museum. So far. Hmmmm. Given the amount of work I can view out of the corner of my eye, some of those may have to be - ahem - "flexible"!

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