Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Poorly, Just For A Change

Poor Emily's got yet another cold/sore throat going on - she'd barely recovered from the last one, bless her. She's got quite a high temperature tonight, so it's not looking good.

We went off to Sundown Adventure Land today, regardless of not feeling well, with Romy and Hazel. Don't think either of the girls was feeling quite their usual self, but they seemed to have a good time nonetheless. Place was absolutely deserted! Here they are driving a wild west wagon and posing in Lollipop Land:

Managed to get totally lost on the way home, as the exit from the car park now comes out onto an entirely different road than the entrance. Ended up in flippin' Retford, so it took twice as long to get back. Took Romeo and Juliet out in the garden when we did get back. They weren't all that enthusiastic, but to be fair I think that's probably 'cos they'd been woken from a peaceful slumber and it was rather damp and chilly!

Emily's had a laid back evening. She was thrilled to discover the brand new, just released Worst Witch Saves The Day book and tape on her bed as a surprise from Daddy, so she spent a happy hour listening to the tape and playing with Barbies. She sooooo loves audio books. Must get some more for Xmas.

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