Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Growing Independence

We've had a day off HE as such today, and I've spent all day trying to get stock listed in the shop and on ebay.

Have hardly seen Emily since breakfast. She's been very busy arting and crafting, putting things in sticker albums, playing with old toys that have come to light behind the piles of "stuff" (!), reading, drawing, playing with the kittens, listening to tapes, searching the internet for particular audiobooks she wants, writing stories, popping in to see us for the odd chat and then skipping off again chuntering happily....

I'm amazed (and very proud) at how self-sufficient Emily has become over the last couple of months in particular. She's now more than capable of organising her days, planning out what she wants to do, making lists of ideas she wants to "get round to" and generally sorting herself out and amusing herself in a very, very grown up way. And even when I think she's bored, she somewhat indignantly tells me she's not - and reminds me that she has so much to do, and just not enough time to fit it all in! It's a very, very far cry from the "amuse-me" mentality she had when she was at school, and indeed when she first came out of it.

Someone's growing up :-)

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