Sunday, February 26, 2006

Another Arty Weekend

This is becoming quite a pattern, I'm pleased to say. Whilst I've been busy working to deadlines this weekend, Jon and Emily have been artists at work again, which is working really well.

Yesterday morning before going to ballet, Emily disappeared into the landing/stockroom/education room/junkhole (call it what you will) where all the craft materials are and spent two hours working on a beautiful textured sunset collage. Then she had to wash her hair, as her ballet teacher is definitely not the type who would approve of the purple streaks, lol.
When she got back from ballet, she and Jon worked downstairs painting the clay things they made the other week. Jon also did this fabulous abstract piece, based on the unremitting negativity of the headlines in a particular newspaper. I love it!
This morning, Emily spent another two hours making a textured mermaid collage complete with hot glue gunned seashells. I love the way she's getting very self-sufficient with craft stuff - she just disappears off there and we don't see her for hours.

After dinner, the artists returned to their lair - Jon did some lovely sketches and Emily decided she wanted to do an abstract piece like Jon's newspaper one, so she spent a long time creating this, which she's called Rainbow:
Needless to say, it was a messy business :-))
In other news, my ear is getting a lot better, not before time. Tomorrow Emily's going off to an art gallery/museum thingy in Lincoln with my Mum and Dad, which hopefully will give us time to plan some work for the next week or two. I've got loads of ideas in my head, but as ever the time to actually gather resources/plan/implement any of them is scarce!

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Deb said...

Must admit that I'm impressed with your resident artists - Emily's skills far outdo mine, and I've got quite a few years on her ;-)

Glad your ear is starting to feel a bit better.