Saturday, February 04, 2006

A Fun Day

It started off well, with Jon making porridge for us all again; I could rapidly become accustomed to being waited on at breakfast time, as indeed Emily and I have been most mornings recently. Jon obviously doesn't have as high a sleep requirement as I do, lol - I go to bed around 12:30 - 1am every night. He tends to work through and doesn't go to bed until gone 3.30 at the earliest, so how come he can be up bright and early whilst I'm still struggling to open my eyes at 9??

Anyway; Emily played on Catz all morning (and thoroughly confused Juliet, who spent a while on Emily's desk investigating the speakers, wondering where on earth all the cats were) before we trotted off to ballet. Brought Emily's friend K back with us for the rest of the day - the girls had a very involved discussion about history in general and the Great Fire of London in particular on the way back home in the car, lol. Two budding historians in the making, methinks.

Back at home Jon and I caught up on some work while the girls Barbied, Lego-ed, dressed up, played with the (remarkably co-operative) cats, took photos and generally had a ball.

So, tomorrow's Sunday, which means manic deadline chasing. Once that's over, though, I'm looking forward to a relatively peaceful week next week; apart from the art course which starts on Monday, yoga, tai chi and ballet we should be able to chill out a bit; we all feel as if we've been really busy recently so a few quiet days at home won't go amiss (and might give me a chance to get organised - you never know).

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