Monday, February 13, 2006

Oddly Disjointed

It's been a weird kind of day; I've felt unsettled and edgy throughout, so it hasn't exactly been all sweetness and light. Sigh. It's nothing to do with the three of us, or with HE; just a lot of stuff going on around us that I'm very unimpressed with.

We got up bright and early(ish) but somehow managed to lose most of the early advantage by sitting down with big bowls of porridge and the Olympics. Well, I guess it's kinda educational. A bit. Depending. We did move onto maths and Emily breezed through some pages of exercises while I sat and wondered what to do next. Eventually we settled on spelling and worked for a while on -le words like muddle, horrible, terrible, trouble, double and so on. Emily knows the -le ending now, it appears...she was getting muddled and putting -el all the time, which is why were doing it in the first place, but typically she got the endings all right and kept forgetting the double consonants or vowel combinations in most of the words instead! Never mind. She's an excellent speller normally; my off-day was probably affecting hers too.

Moving rapidly on, we did some science experiments with electricity, namely making a static electricity guage with a glass jar, nail and tin foil; making mini lightning sparks with a battery and a loose end in the circuit; and making one of those bendy games where you have to get a loop through all the bends without touching the wire otherwise the light and buzzer comes on. Whatever they're called; word escapes me for the moment.

This afternoon we were going to wrap up the Vikings, so to speak, but events overtook me and Emily decided to spend the afternoon playing Zoombinis instead. Which she did. And which is indeed educational. Just as well. She and Jon are out at their art class now, while I try to frantically re-write my latest PA assignment, the brief for which changed exactly half an hour before I was about to send the completed article to them. Oh, pooooooo. It's been that kind of day. I'm sure the week will get better. Or else.

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