Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Still Organised.... Still Having Fun

I can't believe how well the year's going so far, on all fronts!

We stuck to our schedule yesterday, with great results. First thing, we worked on art. We looked at the life of Piet Mondrian and in particular his "grid" paintings with black lines and blocks of primary colour. It was interesting to see how he developed from fauvism to cubism to that and how the grids developed further. Emily then spent a fun half hour creating a Mondrian style picture in dazzle. Then with the same grid, she did an exercise in cool colours vs warm colours, and we discussed how the different colour schemes made her feel, and which she felt might be more appropriate for, e.g. a child's bedroom or a buzzing, creative workplace. All tied in nicely with the colour theory work she's going to be doing on the art course, so that's all good.

Next it was geography. Borrowed Kris' idea of using an orange as a globe, and we used that to learn a little about map projections, and how come a country can look so different in size and shape from one map to another. We also talked about the North and South poles and the differences between them. Emily was very surprised to learn that it rains more in the Sahara Desert than it does in Antarctica. Apparently.

After lunch Emily spent an hour working through the exercises in her Yoga DVD. You can see how much more flexible she's become after just a couple of weeks of the lessons and practising. More importantly, she can see the difference too, and she's really motivated :-))

By the time she'd done that and played for a while, it was time to go off to yoga where more good news was waiting - although Emily hasn't yet been tested on her level 1 stuff, they're putting her up to the Yogadup level, which means she'll officially be working at the same level as the older girls. When she first started, they said she'd have to spend the full year on the yoga bugs certificate course, as the yogadup is strictly for 8 years plus, but they've obviously changed their minds, so she's extremely chuffed about that! She's also very excited now because there's a certificate evening coming up in two weeks time, and the class is going to be doing a yoga display for all the visiting parents. Can't wait!

Today we had a ball visiting The Collection: Art & Archaeology in Lincolnshire with Hazel and Romy. Fabulous musuem! There was loads for the girls to enjoy doing as well as looking at - they had great fun dressing up in historical costumes, playing an ancient board game, making mosaic tiles, listening to latin and norse languages, playing on the many touch screen interactive games and trying to find our houses on a giant aerial map of the county set into the floor. Here's Emily as a roman solider and a medieval maiden, and playing Nine Men's Morris with Romy:

We didn't get to the art gallery part; will have to go back another day. Very highly recommended and excellent value for money, i.e. free! On the way back from the museum we stopped so the girls could have a (freezing!) little picnic in a park, and then we stopped off again at Mount Pleasant Windmill which was working today - sails going round like mad in the wind. I don't think I've ever actually stood underneath a working windmill before. Certainly made you dizzy looking up, lol!

Tomorrow (after an early doctor's appointment) we'll be doing history, I think. At this precise moment in time, I've "temporarily" lost my little schedule book. I can feel the panic setting in already....but I'm pretty sure I'd planned history stuff once Jon and Emily get back from tai chi. Off now to look for the darned thing before I break out in a cold sweat.....

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