Wednesday, February 22, 2006

How Much???

Just been looking around on ebay and other places to see how much Harry Potter lego is. Emily's fascination with the HP "thing" continues unabated, and she loves the Belleville lego she has, so it seemed a logical thing to look for. **Cough**. £129???? Okkaaay. Perhaps not, then. It's a real pain when your January 2nd birthday child develops a passion about a fortnight *after* their birthday that they had zero interest in *before* their birthday or Christmas. It's a verrrry long time til Christmas. We usually get Emily an Easter present (to make up for the long wait between pressy giving opportunites otherwise) but I think £129 is somewhat pushing it, lol.

This morning Emily and I went off to her yoga centre for the press photos and interview. We were pretty late, since "they" had helpfully closed the road outside the centre in both directions. We were still first to arrive, though, as everyone else was obviously as stumped as we were on how to park anywhere near the place! The journalist took loads of photos, with Emily right at the front of most of them (ha! Advantages of being by far the youngest and smallest in the class!) and asked all the right questions to which Emily and the other girls who turned up gave all the right answers. All good. We then went off into Gainsborough town centre in search of a) some slip on, mess-about-in-garden type shoes and b) some china cats from charity shops to add to Emily's overflowing collection. Drew a total blank on both counts. It appears that you can have boots, "posh" shoes or trainers by the lorryload, but a simple pair of mess about shoes, nope, nowhwere, nohow. And cat-wise, all the charity shops were closed (why??).

We consoled ourselves with some (very) early summer clothes shopping. Got two sets of three strappy tops in lovely colours for £3 per set, a pink jangly long gypsy skirt and a short gypsy skirt with lovely belt. Our search for black clothes for Emily is proving disappointingly difficult. Apparently ALL little girls below teenage years WANT to dress in flourescent pink ALL the time - or so you'd think, looking in the shops. The only black things on offer are horrible, yukky, polyestery back to school trousers and skirts. If they were in a softer fabric that would be fine, but I *loathe* that fabric. Still. Apart from the jingly-jangly skirt the things we bought we managed to find in shades of brown, cream, burnt orange and foresty green, which, apparently, are "nearly as nice as black." So that's OK then. And how come the fascination with black emerged as suddenly as all Emily's other recent fascinations? Now, if she'd worked up to it gradually, we wouldn't be stuck with a chest of draws full to the brim of pink clothes that were all she wanted this time last year, lol.

Back at home I collapsed onto the sofa with agonising earache yet again, and Emily pottered about before going downstairs to watch HP 3 with Daddy. Not a lot of education has happened!

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