Sunday, February 19, 2006

Paschats & Potter

Harry Potter mania continues to go from strength to strength here. Emily's spent vast amounts of the last couple of days devouring every Potter fan site she can find, writing plots, making posters and inventing spells/charms. I've lost count of the amount of times we've played Harry Potter pretends now, lol. Emily's favourite site, so far, has got to be HP Lexicon, a site for which the word "comprehensive" just doesn't quite cut the mustard.

She's listened to the CD of Philosopher's Stone umpteen times, and now she's started reading the book too. She reads a lot during an average day in any case, but her favourite time to read is definitely after Daddy's read to her at bedtime - she can't wait to get to bed now, lol, so she can snuggle down in the dark with her new reading light and read more HP!

Have to say I'm somewhat of a Harry Potter virgin, myself. Have never read any of the books, nor had any particular desire to do so, and although I enjoyed the first film on a purely "interesting story" basis, we haven't seen the rest. Looked up the rest of the plots the other day....sounds horrendously complicated! Since Emily already knows far more about the world of HP than I do, however, I suspect that I'm about to be educated....

Meanwhile, Emily's also loving two cat related books at the moment. She and Daddy are reading Warriors into the Wild by Erin Hunter, which has totally captured her imagination. It's very much in the Wolf Brother genre. She can't wait for the next one in the series. Meanwhile she and I are also reading The Nine Lives of Tyo, by Murry Hope. This is based on Murry's telepathic communications with Paschats, a race of leonine/feline beings from the neighboring Sirius star system. Apparently, she's channeled a lot of their teachings into various adult books, but the Tyo one is a child's version. Whether or not you give any credence to the reality of it all, it's an enchanting story about a young Paschat who looks in on earth, sees all the problems, and is allowed to live nine lives on our planet - one on Atlantis, one as a temple cat in Ancient Egypt, one as a jaguar cub in the jungle, one as a cat during the Black Death, one as a cat during the withcraft persecutions, and so on; druing each life he learns something about the human race and where they're going wrong. Very thought provoking, and a great introduction to topics like telepathy, crystal people and so on. It's sparked an interest in Altantis, so Emily's busy trying to find out all about that. It's fascinating to watch her forming her own opinions on metaphysical stuff. We're taking a very hands-off approach, letting her find out information for herself, and letting her evaluate it herself too.

Hmmm, what else have we been up to? Let me see: Friday morning I was in absolute agony with my ear and couldn't do much else apart from lie on the settee drifting in and out of sleep. Jon was out all morning with Grandad but Emily, bless her, went and got a big pile of workbooks and sat next to me all morning working away and fussing over me. She did seven pages of an English book, three of a maths book, and wrote three poems!

Friday afternoon I felt much, much better. We spent a long time playing darts, I seem to remember. In character as people from Harry Potter, obviously. Emily kept winning. Hrrrmphhh. Very good for mental arithmetic, though.

Yesterday morning Emily and Jon went off to ballet. She had a whale of a time practising singing (????) apparently, as they'll be doing a lot of songs in this forthcoming show. Later on, she and Jon spent a long time in the garden, planting flowers and digging up archaeology. Emily found yet another bone. I'm beginning to wonder whether we need the good folks from CSI to pay us a visit!! Speaking of which, this is yet another series that Jon and I never had time to watch in its infancy - we've now watched the whole of Series 1 on DVD, though, and are hooked. DVD set for series 2 arrived yesterday, so that's our viewing for the next few weeks sorted out, lol. Television? What's that? In this house, the only viewing we adults do is something on DVD at around midnight each night, while we eat - there's never anything we actually want to watch on "live" at that time, and we always miss what we do want to watch and then have to watch it years later on DVD.

The kit bits have been in fine form; the roadworks outside our house have finally shut up, so they've been brave enough to venture out again this last couple of days and have been very entertaining to watch. Yesterday morning I saw Romeo eating something on the lawn and went out to investigate, expecting to find a deceased mouse or bird. What was he eating? **WORMS** Eugggh. And when I took one off him, he promptly scrabbled around for another one and bit it in half and ate one half. Oh, lovely. The other half wriggled away.... nice. No wonder that cat keeps getting a poorly tummy. Juliet, not to be outdone, decided to spend dusk catching and eating the gnats/midges that were hovering in a great big cloud in the garden. Then she was sick. Sigh. It's not as if we don't feed them!

Once it was dark, Emily rediscovered a pile of new dressing up outfits she had for Christmas but had yet to try on. Here she is as a hula girl
....and as a Victorian servant
.... I daresay the Greek Goddess one might get an outing today.

This morning she's gone off shopping with Daddy while I work. As, obviously, I'm doing right now. Well, nearly. Actually, my mind's busy turning over ideas for a "My Village" project that will neatly encompass all kinds of geography and history stuff. I'm liking the sound of that very much - must go and jot down some thoughts before I forget them all!

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Alison said...

Oooh, don't think my HP-fanatic has seen that site, will pass it on to her!

And wanted to echo Ali on your post lowere down - your thoughts on children being pushed/encouraged into doing things they don't want to make absolutely perfect sense to me, that's exactly the way I think of it.