Sunday, February 12, 2006

Arty Weekend

No ballet this Saturday, thanks to half term. Emily spent yesterday morning playing, then she and Jon had a massive clay craft session in the afternoon. Jon made various gorgeous candle holders, incense holders and the like, and Emily made a beautiful castle.

This morning Emily was busy listening to Harry Potter and working on a Green Woman stained glass mandala thingy. This afternoon, she and Jon have been Artists At Work, practising the snow scene skills they learnt in last Monday's art course, to recreate a lovely photo we took earlier this year of Scotter church in the snow.They seem to have had a ball, and I love the results! Here's Jon's followed by Emily's:

While hubby and daughter have been exceptionally creative, I've been having rather less fun, chained to the desk working on deadlines. Oh, surprise. Yes folks, my weekends are a joy. This one has been worst than most as the Press Association have decided they want major format changes to the work we're doing for them, so in addition to the standard deadlines I've been faffing about trying to interpret the rather vague brief and fit it into an impossibly tight word count.

Had a phone call this morning to tell me that the swimming crash course I'd booked Emily into next week has been cancelled. We've been on the flippin waiting list for proper lessons for over a year now, and nothing. Nada. Zilch. So they lay on a crash course and guess what - only Emily and one other child wanted to attend. In the whole of Scunthorpe and the surrounding area??? So why is the waiting list so full??? Grrrmpph. Not happy about that at all. Nor is Emily, especially since I'd resorted to bribery and promised her that if she was recognisably "swimming" (i.e. more than the two strokes it takes to get from the wall to me....and no, I'm not allowed to move) by Easter we'd go to Eureka again. She went there for her 5th birthday treat and has been nagging me to go back ever since. Hmmm. May have to re-think that one if there are no "proper" swimming opportunities on offer, since we seem to have hit a brick wall as far as me teaching her is concerned. We came so far....but no further. Yet.

In her spare time this last few days Emily's gone back to a passion for designing outfits again, mainly inspired by her love of Project Catwalk, so that's been very arty too. She's also into the Winter Olympics in a big way, for some reason, and takes great delight in cheering for the Italian and Canadian competitors. Italy because it's the country she most wants to visit, and Canada because of Uncle David & Aunty Barb. I asked her why she wasn't cheering for the British guys and gals. "Well, they're not very good," she said. LOL. Patriotism is clearly bred not born.

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