Monday, February 27, 2006

Poppy Fields

Here are hubby and daughter's achievements from this evening's art class - Jon's, then Emily's. I love the depth and the shades!
That class is going so well. We've been fretting for ages about finding an art class for Emily and then there you go, one turns up right on our doorstep. Couldn't be better. Mind you, they did trudge home from the village hall in very heavy sleet tonight, and looked like drowned rats on arrival - nothing a cup of hot chocolate couldn't sort out, though :-)

This morning Emily went back to "The Collection" in Lincoln with my Mum and Dad, to look in the art gallery part we didn't get to look at when we went with Hazel and Romy the other week. They had some fascinating clocks there, apparently. Emily also showed my parents around the rest of the museum, and caused a few raised eyebrows in the gift shop - she asked the lady behind the till if they had any Shakespeare figurines to go with the Henry VIII and Elizabeth I ones she already has from a particular collection. The woman rather snootily informed them that "we don't cover that period here". So Emily piped up that Shakespeare was Elizabethan and they did have Elizabethan stuff in the musuem and indeed in the gift shop, where she had bought the Liz 1 figurine from on the last visit. Ahem. I'm not sure the lovely lady liked being corrected by a seven year old, especially one that doesn't go to school ;-)

The getting-ready-to-go-out routine was rudely interrupted this morning when Juliet burst through the catflap and rushed upstairs into our sitting room with a dead mouse in her mouth. Eeek. She then helpfully proceeded to growl at us when we near to de-mouse her, tossed it about a bit, and left bits of it all over the carpet before we got it off her. Sigh. Quite the little huntress, this one. Even once that was all over, she came back in ten minutes later with a bit of mouse fur that she'd obviously left behind outside and gone back to fetch. Gee, thanks.

While Jon and Emily were out this evening, I've been planning our local history/geography project, which we plan to begin in earnest tomorrow. Hopefully, that will work well - I've got lots of ideas........

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Alison said...

I love the poppy fields! Very talented :)