Thursday, February 23, 2006


Had rather a sleepless night in tears of agony with this flippin ear. Finally decided it was time to go to the doctors when I noticed a painful lump at the edge of my jaw bones under my ear. I so don't do doctors - in the last five years I think I've only been for occasional ear syringing with the nurse, smear tests and the colposcopy - but the pain was just too much. I've had this for about a fortnight now, and far from improving on its own it was starting to get a lot worse. Worrying.

Saw a lovely, eccentric old Australian locum who gave me a thorough ticking off for not having gone sooner. Apparently I was 24 hours away from a ruptured ear drum with severe otitis externa (well, sounds posher than "ear infection", lol) which has spread to my mastoid cavity and lymph glands. So, I've now got ear drops which sting like hell, strong antiboitics and even stronger painkillers. Together with nausea (have been sick twice) and an awful taste at the back of my mouth. He says it will probably get worse before it gets better, and that this particular medication may not do the trick anyway. He's taken a swab (owwwwwwwwwwww!) and if it hasn't cleared completely within a week I've got to go back. Can't wait.

While I was out at the doctors, Emily and Jon went for their tai chi lesson, although I don't think Emily learnt very much this time round; she was worried sick about me, bless her heart, and couldn't concentrate. I got back home in time for a woozy sleep on the sofa before having to take Grandad off to the eye clinic. Turns out he has to go back to Grimsby hospital for yet another scan. Fun, fun, fun. While we were out, Emily voluntarily did lots of spelling work and reading. She's up to about page 40 of the first HP book - she's finding it hard, but we're really impressed that she's persevering with it. We've made sure that she knows that we don't think any the less of her if she finds the book too hard and puts it away for a year or two, but she's determined to get through it, so it seems.

I'm off back for a lie down; painkillers were just about strong enough to get me through Grandad's hospital trip, but they're sure wearing off now. Normal education service will be resumed shortly!


Deb said...

Are you willing to try some homeopathy? Very effective for ears. You have my sympathies - ear infections *hurt*! :-(

Nikki said...

I'd love to try some homeopathy. Jon (husband) is due to start a homeopathy course in mid March, but until then I really don't know much about it, though. Is there something you'd suggest? Thank you!

Deb said...

Bit late in answering, and I'm no expert, but for ears, I'd try belladonna. You'll probably only be able to find it in 6C, but that'll do. Ignore the dosage on the bottle, and take one every two to three hours for up to three doses. If you see an improvement sooner, delay the next dose until things even off, then take another. If you don't see any improvement after three, or at most four, doses, stop taking it, because it's probably not the right remedy. Or have a look at the Weleda on-line remedy finder - - not nearly as good as actually seeing a homeopath, but better than nothing, and definitely better than sore ears.