Saturday, April 08, 2006

Doesn't She Know It's The Weekend?

Bless her. Emily's soooo keen on this human body project that first thing this morning she wanted to get on and do more of it.'s Saturday, I pointed out. We don't have to do work today. (Well, *we* do, as in me and Jon, which is why I wasn't swinging from the chandeliers with joy at the thought of more body project). Cue disappointed little face. "I know," she perks up brightly, "I could look through your plans and work out what to do next, and you can stay up here and do your own work!" Cue massive guilt complex. Cue Mummy pasting on smile and banishing thoughts of getting ahead on our own work. Cue more body project.

Downstairs we went. I drew round a very wriggly and giggly Emily on the back of a roll of old wallpaper and Emily spent a happy hour painting in the skeleton, referring to umpteen books in the process.
The finished result is now hanging up on one of the bookcases:
The idea is that as we finish studying each major organ or body system, Emily will draw or paint a lifesize one to stick onto the skeleton in the appropriate place. We were going to add the major muscles too, but I can see that getting too confusing; might make a seperate one for muscles. We shall see!

Once that was done, Emily carried on with her work on bones, researching what bones are made of and what jobs they do. She drew a lovely cutaway diagram of a bone and labelled it:
and wrote a piece about bone marrow, what happens to bones as they get old and the importance of calcium in the diet.

Emily wants to get hold of a bone to saw in half and look at under the magnifying glass and microscope; needs to be quite big, though. The book I was reading suggests the leg bone of a cow, but I don't think that'll be that easy to just pop out and get! Still, may have to make do with buying a leg of lamb in next week's shopping. Good excuse for a nice roast, after all!

After all that hard work it was time for lunch. Emily and Jon have been doing jigsaws and playing all afternoon, while I had a fit of enthusiasm and listed some of our personal items on ebay, including my two biggest myth and magic Hobbit pieces (Smaug the Dragon and Wrath of Beorn; still have Escape from the Wargs and Finding the Precious to list, along with 40 odd smaller ones). Within minutes of listing those I had an email asking me if I'd accept rather a lot of money as a buy it now for both of them (no) and within an hour they'd both amassed loads of watchers, so that's looking hopeful.

Carried on listing stock on ebay after that; STILL haven't had time to do any more to the new elysianshop store. Sigh. And I haven't started on this weekend's deadlines yet. Emily's still very snuffly and full of cough. She and Jon were supposed to be going on a dusk/bat walk at Normanby Hall this evening, but she doesn't feel like it - can't say I blame her! Jon's blood readings are alarmingly erratic at the moment - 18.9 earlier this afternoon after he'd eaten virtually nothing all day :-(( He feels really ill. I think there may be a trip back to the docs in order sooner than the 2 weeks for a white blood cell test and 6 weeks for the diabetic blood test. Something's definitely not right >:-((

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Jules said...

nah, weekends and holidays mean nothing in this household either when the kids have got to grips on something of interest :-)
Really hope the cold clears up quickly!