Thursday, April 27, 2006

Flyby Thursday

There's another one gone. Day, that is. It's nearly the weekend, but the last weekend was only five minutes ago. Either I've strayed into some strange time-space black hole (or the Tardis) or we need to find less to fill our days. At this rate I'll be drawing my pension by Christmas.

This morning began with Jon and Emily rushing off to tai chi, which they came back from absolutely worn out. Quick bite of lunch, then just about time for a couple of games of mastermind before getting ready to go back out to drama. Today they were given details of the play they're performing at the end of July: The Chicken-Hearted Fox (?) with Emily apparently being said Chicken-Hearted Fox.

Back home for tea; it's now nearly 6.30 and we've got about another half an hour of free time left before it's time to start on the mountain of order packing that awaits to the right of me. Which means I ought be doing something more constructive than writing this, but what the heck.

Emily's got a lot of "homework" at the moment, lol. She has both songs and choreography to learn for the ballet show (hence why we've been singing Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside rather a lot today....); scripts to learn for drama; new tai chi movements to perfect and accupressure points to learn; yoga journal to keep up to date; new yoga poses to master for her next test in a few week's time and now they also have to design a mandala each week for yoga too. It's a good job she's not actually at school or we'd have no time left to fit anything else in!

In other news, Jon's been called back to the doctor's next week for further investigation of his abnormal white blood cell count, so that's got us all rather worried. We'll know more on Tuesday. He does feel really awful, though :-(


Elder Faery said...

I also don't know how kids who take school cope with time. Most of the kids we know in school have a lot of 'extra curricular activities'..a little boy we know has swimming, piano and football and he's never home...that's kind of normal. The kids never get chance to play..or just be kids..and they are not picked up from afterschool club till 4pm..they must be knackered.

Hope the worry about your Jon is over soon. A lot of people have these's just a case of getting it over with. I'm sure you could weather any storm. You sound like a very strong group of individuals.

Nikki said...

Thank you, Elder Fairy. Don't feel very strong today, but yes, you're right, I'm sure we'll cope whatever's happening with Jon. It may well be nothing. It's just the not knowing!