Friday, April 28, 2006

Mandala Mania & More Warrior Cats

Emily's enjoyed making lots of mandalas today. Very therapeutic, I made some too. Here's the one she's chosen to take to yoga on Tuesday. It's not a very good picture, though - the real thing is much more colourful and represents the four seasons.
Found this cute online mandala maker too, although that's really more of a kaleidoscope type thing.

Apart from mandala art, this morning Emily breezed through lots of maths: more of the saving money type calculations and lots of stuff on data handling, graphs and fractions. Later on, she worked on some handwriting exercises and lots of spelling of un-, dis-, re- and pre- words.

This afternoon, we carried on with the human body project, finishing up the work Emily had been doing on the skeleton and bones, and making a start on the lungs and respiratory system. Got lots of experiments in mind for that one. Plus lots of Harry Potter reading, Harry Potter pretending, Harry Potter writing, Harry Potter drawing, Harry Potter games, Harry Potter Food (??), Harry Potter get the idea!

At the moment, she and Jon are just about to finish Forest of Secrets, the third book in the fabulous (did I ever mention that?) Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter. With impeccable timing, I've just finished #2, Fire and Ice, so I'm ready to grab #3 as soon they're done. Finished Fire and Ice yesterday while Emily was at drama - it had me in tears at several points again. [Edit: Emily's just come out with tears in her eyes to tell me how that one ended, bless her. She can't wait for the next one - fortunately, we've got it in stock!] Very emotional, dark in places, often violent too, but then nature is.

If anyone's interested, all six of the books in the original series, plus the three new books in the New Prophecy series, are reviewed here - look at the bottom of the page, under Erin Hunter for all nine review links (they're not in the right order, though, so do check the numbers of the books, 1-6 and then New Prophecy 1-3). Don't look here if you're currently reading the series, though, as there are plot spoilers.....almost wish I hadn't looked now, will have to keep that link away from Jon and Emily!

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