Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Skating Star

Emily tried her new inline skates today. Well, tried as in skipped lunch, stayed out in the pouring rain and had to eventually be prised out of them on the promise of doing it again tomorrow. She got the hang of it straight away, we were very impressed! After a bit of practice on the carpet and on the grass, she was away on the concrete in no time at all and can't wait to skate to the corner shop and the cycle track soon. She was very good at correcting her own balance, she only fell over a handful of times in a couple of hours skating. She's keen to learn to go backwards too, so that'll be fun! She and Jon have been watching Ice Princess on DVD - Emily's very keen to go ice skating but for the moment I think the inline skates are coming a close second.
The rest of the day has been spent pottering with Potter, as it were. More lego - let me see, now, Emily and either Jon or I have been at it solid for at least four hours now spread over yesterday and today and we've built....how much was it again?....oh yes, two of the towers on this flippin' castle. Two. Coun't em. There are five altogether. Plus extra bits which aren't towers. The instruction book is the size of a medium novel for heaven's sake!!

Emily's also been playing the HP & Stone PC game which, despite the rather dire review, she does seem rather taken with. She's also got even closer to finishing the HP & Stone book and played endless games of HP Uno and HP top trumps. Let's just say the household is in a Harry Potter mood, lol. Even the skating ended up as a TriWizard tournament or whatever it is in the Goblet of Fire book. She keeps coming out with stuff that I have no clue about whatsoever....I think I really will have to read the books or at least listen to the audio books. Goblet of Fire is currently on loan from Scotter library - I think it was 27 CDs (!!!!!!!!! or somesuch ridiculous number) and Emily's up to about number 20. Now that's what I call dedication.

Meanwhile, aside from such fun and frivolity, Jon and I have taken the plunge and set a go live date for the new shop (despite it being still only about 1/5th populated, sigh) and Jon has been wearing himself out with an exhausting round of work - don't these people realise Easter was a holiday? Apparently it was National Book Ordering Weekend, or so you'd think from the volume of our sales. Yes, that is A Good Thing. Really.

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