Sunday, April 02, 2006

Life's Little Quirks

Was greatly cheered - not - to discover this morning that our tiny little 2 bedroom flat in Bracknell has just been sold for over 100k more than we sold it for 7 years ago. It's now so expensive that we couldn't afford to ever move back into it. Not that we'd want to now, size-wise, but you know what I mean :-(( Was further cheered to discover that the four bed detached house I lived in in Wokingham from age 5-18 ish has also recently been sold for nearly double what my parents sold it for when they moved up here seven years ago. It's now "worth" more than the six bed house with much larger garden that we currently live in. Okkkaaay. Isn't it funny how life turns out? If we'd stayed put in Bracknell, well, I can just imagine what we could do with an extra 100k in our pockets if we sold the flat now. But of course, we wouldn't have had Emily - quite possibly wouldn't have had any children since even with the price it was then we needed both of us out full time to cover the mortgage and I wouldn't have wanted to have a child and then have to rely in full time daycare.

I know you can't always look backwards and wonder "what if"....and I know life now has more benefits and positives than our life then did, in terms of working for ourselves and *of course* our beautiful daughter....but given our current pretty dire financial situation it does make you stop and think. It's a sad fact that we'll never be able to afford to move back to where both of us grew up and where we'd still love to be if we hadn't made the decisions we made.

Well, I don't think I've explained that very well, but it's made me feel kinda funny all day.

Have acheived the bare minimum of work today - the BBC deadline has been met but that's about all. Emily and Jon spent the morning painting - Emily finished her harbour picture and they both started painting a scene from the Warriors books. That went a bit pear shaped, as Emily got upset when she couldn't make hers turn out just so. They're going to give acrylics a rest for a while, I think, and have a go with pastels instead for the next few sessions. So, this afternoon they hot footed it out to the garden centre/art store to buy some more pastels and bits and bobs. I stayed here, feigned an attempt at working, and brooded.

When they got back, Emily and I made some scrummy chewy coconut cookies with a fresh coconut that needed using up. Have now eaten altogether too many of those so I have tummy ache. And I'm still brooding. Life, eh?

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