Monday, April 24, 2006

Spring Sunshine & Autumn Trees

This evening was the last of the ten week art course (for now; see later). Emily and Jon went off hand in hand armed with giant canvases, and came back with these beautiful impressionist autumn trees :-)) Emily's is first, then Jon's:
I love the shadows on the trunks, the vibrancy and the colours. It's been a fabulous ten weeks, and I'm very, very proud of both of their efforts :-))

Proud Daddy was told tonight that they'd never seen a child of Emily's age paint the way she can. Don't know how true that is or isn't, but it was a lovely thing to say and certainly helped boost Emily's confidence. She's so hard on herself sometimes. Gets it from her Daddy who is equally hard on himself all the time. Gary hopes to run another course in the summer to follow on from this one, and he's also setting up a highly structured GCSE standard art course for children age 9-13 (Emily's 7, but what's two years between friends, lol) which will aim to teach them "real art, not what they teach in schools" - seems that more and more people are waking up to the fact that schools aren't the be all and and end all of education. But that's another story: back to this evening - one of the ladies had made cake so they all had a good chinwag and scrummy cake eating session to finish off with (and Emily asked if she could bring one home for me, bless her).

The mother of a boy who was in Emily's class at school was in the library (which adjoins the art room) and came out to have a look at what Emily was doing (I'm glad to say she was suitably impressed!) and to have a chat to Jon, which was interesting. Apparently "Emily's class" (as I still can't help thinking of it) now has to have a teacher share system. Can't see that massively improving on the efficiency levels or pastoral care continuity, somehow. Still, it's always good to bump into people we knew from school - and a pleasure to let them see Emily being living proof that there is life outside the school institution!

First thing this morning, Emily and I were off out into the spring sunshine on her skates (well, just her on the skates, although Jon and I are both tempted to get some). Emily spent a couple of hours skating in a nearby park (including skateboard ramps, lol) so I took some fab video of how well she's doing. She had a good play on the rest of the equipment too, although she was a bit disappointed to see they'd removed the sky-rider thing. Pooeey - that was going to be good for a quidditch game! She did manage to bemuse a small boy who was the only other occupant of the park by casting Wingardium Leviosa spells at him though ;-) so at least Mr Potter did get a look in.

Came back home for lunch and then settled into some serious yoga practice, and Emily wrote three pages in her yoga journal covering the work she's been doing since last lesson. Yoga and drama lessons start up again tomorrow and Thursday - doesn't feel like we've had a two week break, can't believe how the time is flying by!

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