Monday, April 17, 2006

I've Lost Track!

I didn't realise it was a week since I'd updated this. We've done lots of bits and bobs, but my memory has gone blank, so I'll settle for the edited highlights of the week!

Emily worked on finishing off the Easter presents she was making, including the bunny fridge chalkboard, peg bag (much hilarity (not) with the sewing machine that has a mind of its own) and basket for the tie dyed eggs. In the evening, my Mum and Dad got back from the caravan (for Easter) so we spent a while chatting and looking at photos. They brought a beautiful ornamental willow tree back for Emily, so she was exceedingly chuffed.

Emily and Jon went off to tai chi in the morning; I took Grandad to the nurse. She told him the same thing the doctor told him last time, but he likes her better, so that was OK. She also told him to make another appointment to see the doctor again (which is probably why he likes her so much, come to think of it).

Thursday afternoon Emily and I went to Normanby Hall for a play with Romy and Hazel. We had a nice little walk in the woods (although I soon regretted mentioning how much the trees swaying in the very strong wind!) and I was a very willing guinea pig for Hazel to try out the Indian head massage she's been learning. Liked that :-)

Emily spent all day on crafty things; she made some tissue paper flowers for Romy and then made three beautiful Easter cards for Nana, Gramps and Grandad - one was a butterfly montage, one was a tissue paper stained glass effect egg and one was lots of Easter eggs in gold frames.

Just for a change ;-) Emily spent all day doing crafty things. She took various crafty crates downstairs and pottered away in the dining room literally *all day* listening to her Harry Potter CDs. Jon and I were banned from the room as she was making Easter surprises. Took a little Easter pressie to Romy, and Romy and Hazel popped by in the evening with a pressie for Emily.

Easter Sunday
Had a fab Easter. Emily had a treasure hunt in the morning to find some pressies. She normally gets one present instead of an egg, but this year since she's been so poorly recently, and since we sold quite a few of her Christmas presents that turned out to be not suitable, she had quite a few bits and bobs. Then she made an absolutely gorgeous Raspberry and Lemon Easter cake, recipe from one of the supermarket magazines - the cream filling made with mascarpone and lemon curd...mmmmmmmmm.
Emily gave everyone their home made pressies, and me and Jon got to see the secret bits and bobs she'd spent all day Saturday concocting! We had a big family lunch, followed by another treasure hunt organised by Nana who'd bought Emily lots of little garden ornaments from Cumbria. After that we all watched Nanny McPhee together, second time for me and Emily, first time for everyone else.

Bank Holiday Monday
Ah yes, that's today, I think - I'm losing track of time a bit here! Today Emily's played all day. The Harry Potter lego was a huge hit (and huge is the opportune word in the case of the flippin castle set - it's gonna take weeks to build that!!!!) and has been played with non stop. We've also played Mystery at Hogwards (second hand from ebay, big hit) and subbuteo, and Emily's tried valiantly to get to grips with Lego Creator Harry Potter on the PC - also second hand from ebay, not such a great buy - is there a more frustrating game in existence?

Meanwhile, Jon and I have attempted to get on with some work over the last few days, with varying degrees of success. I've sold my four large myth and magic Hobbit pieces on ebay for a good sum.....but now I have to worry about packing and sending them, which isn't going to be all that straightforward. Jon is still very poorly, and has *still* not got his voice fully back, is being sick, woozy and generally semi comatose, but doesn't have time to go to the doctors.....Deadlines, business bills and customer emails have failed to stop for an Easter break, which I feel is rather I guess from tomorrow we'd better get back to work!
Emily's having a ball in the garden every day at the moment, though. Autumn and winter are my favourite times of the year by far, but I must confess I've missed seeing her in the garden and hearing the giggles floating in from outside. So it's official. Spring is kinda nice. :-)

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