Friday, April 21, 2006

Still Pottering

As in Harry, that is. There seems to be no end to Emily's fascination with this subject! She and Jonathan watched Goblet of Fire last night, which was a huge hit. Today Emily's designed an advert for a Harry Potter computer game using word art and graphics and some very persuasive text. She's also done lots and lots of maths Harry Potter style and has begged to get started on some fun HP literature study units we found on the web. Which we haven't done yet, because I've lost the link. Somehow, I think I'm going to have to find it pretty quick!

This morning we also played more of the Mystery at Hogwarts board game and pranced about doing lots of HP inspired exercises. Oh, and lots more lego - castle is nearly finished now. Must say it's been a very absorbing (if lengthy!) exercise. We've followed the instructions mostly but along the way Emily's concocted several beautiful buildings of her own and some very imaginative scenarios to go with them. I do like lego. Sorry elderfairy and fellow lego haters! I love the way you can be sitting with your child manipulating bits of it, chatting away about something else entirely, and before you know it they've created something really rather spectacular. Very therapeutic (but don't shoot me for saying so!)

This afternoon Emily very successfully skated her way around the block, quickly overcoming her initial nervousness of skating next to the road. It was pouring with rain again at the time, which nicely cleaned up her skates from yesterday's mud fest, lol.

Work-wise Jon's been rushed off his feet since 6am this morning, with no sign of a let up yet. I haven't exactly achieved much in that department but then that's because a) I've been having too much of a ball with Emily and b) I keep feeling alternately very queasy and very sleepy. Jon went for his white blood cell test yesterday so we're anxiously awaiting the results of that. Both kittens have been throwing up all over the place too with some mystery tummy bug, so at the moment Emily and the two big cats are the healthiest of the lot - which makes a change! We decided ages ago that this post-Easter week would be a "week off" for Emily, as it were, but next week we should be back to "education proper". In theory!

Our week away is getting closer, and not before time. Really, really looking forward to that, I think we could all do with a breath of fresh air and a change of scenery. Speaking of which, have been house-hunting too in spare moments today. Well, whatever the web equivalent is of window shopping, anyway. More in hope and longing than any real expectation of being able to move any time soon, but there are some fantastic places on Skye and in the wilds of Scotland. One day!


Deb said...

If you get tired of the Pottering, send her here. We have an infinite fascination with HP in all its guises. Am currently planning a blog-page called "Divination", which is to contain all of our predictions for HP7. Once it's out, and read, and analysed, I don't know what we'll do. We might even have to do something as drastic as getting a life!

amanda said...

Activity Village have some H.P links.
Amanda - lego hater!

Nikki said...

Deb, I may take you up on that offer, lol! Call it respite care so I have a chance to actually read the books and figure out what Emily's going on about!

Amanda - wow, thanks! There are loads of good links there!

Elder Faery said...

Nah..I mean I don't hate lego's just that the annoying things about lego can sometimes 'overwhelm' (!)...I still appreciate that my children want to play with it...why even now they are upstairs screaming over someconstruction that one has made and the other destroyed with a too heavy's not that peaceful a game over here I'm afraid! I hope the house hunting goes well!