Tuesday, April 25, 2006

So, That Was Tuesday

Don't ask me where the day went. It was Monday last time I looked. Must be to do with getting up late, that always throws me.

Well now, let's think: Emily did lots of work on her Harry Potter project including half a ton of reading comprehension work from HP & Stone and drawing up Harry's first year lessons timetable from clues provided in the book. She also did some maths work - with rather less gusto - which was multiplication and division thinly disguised as something vaguely more interesting: saving money. If you save 40p a week how long before you can afford that particular Harry Potter item priced at a bargain £487.99p - that kind of thing. Plus loads of crafts and more in her yoga journal. Possibly not the more spleniferously exciting day we've ever had......then again, we haven't done normal for such a while that it was a refreshing change.

This evening we went off to yoga where Emily was very chuffed to be given the work she needs to learn for her level 2 certificate, which she'll be tested on in five week's time. She also got a lovely yoga'd up t-shirt and was delighted that they've started partner work now too, which prompted much hilarity - from the level of giggling wafting out into the waiting room you wouldn't have thought they were in there concentrating on a spiritual practice!

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