Sunday, July 03, 2005

All's Quiet

It's been a peaceful Sunday. Emily spent the morning doing more Tudor costume colouring/designing, whilst listening to some Shakespeare tapes from the library. This afternoon she spent ages birdwatching in the garden with Jon, and then started a tapestry whilst I read Time Travelling Cat and the Tudor Treasure to her. Or at least tried to....must admit I found it very boring, and it's hard to make a book interesting to listen to when your own mind is wandering.... perhaps it's just becuase we didn't read the first in the Time Travelling Cat series, so we don't really have a clue what they're on about. She and Daddy are now watching the Cate Blanchett/Kathy Burke version of Elizabeth on video, having "temporarily" given up on A Man For All Seasons!

Jon got some super-cheap white t-shirts from Tesco this morning, so we're looking up vegetable dyes with a view to hopefully tie-dying (or is it tye-dying?) next week. I've got a long list of other crafty type activities in mind; think we might make this an arts/crafts summer if and when we can get anything that's not Tudor related to appeal!

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