Friday, July 08, 2005

Lakeside Laughter

Or should that be soggy screaming?

Went to Twigmoor Woods with Hazel, Romy and their dog Tilly this afternoon. Last time we went, both girls got exceptionally soggy in the lake, and despite both Mums deciding it wasn't going to happen again this happened again this time. Amid a cacophony of squeals, screams and giggles, two girls and a dog had a whale of a time. Must brush up on their knowledge of anatomy though, I think, since instructions to 'not go any deeper than your knees' somehow resulted in wet bums and soggy sleeves....

On the way out of the woods, we found a tiny, teeny froglet, not much bigger than my thumbnail, which both girls were able to hold and coo at before we put it back safely in the undergrowth. Then we went off to the nearby windmill to buy some scrummy biscuits and flapjack bars.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, it seems that getting soaked at the lake wasn't quite enough water for Emily after all....since after tea....well....Emily + Daddy + hosepipe = more soggy shrieks of delight.

This morning before going out we had a vague stab at doing something educational, trying some of the problems in a mental maths book and practising 2, 5 and 10 times tables. The book had some of those write-numbers-1-to-5-in-this-triangle-so-all-sides-add-up-to-9 type puzzles in it. Not especially difficult, but Emily really switches off with stuff like that. She can do it if pushed, but she just doesn't see the point. Think she's definitely going to be more of a language arts/humanities person than a maths one.

Oh yes, just remembered, last night we saw Worst Jobs in History on Discovery...had never heard of it before, must have missed it when it was on channel 4. Emily absolutely loved it, and can't wait until next Thursday for the next one. Tony Robinson seems to be this girl's second best hero (after Daddy, naturally). She's known him from Time Team for ages, but when she first saw him as Baldrick in Blackadder she was soooo thrilled!

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Jax said...

My Big is well into Tony Robinson as well - we caught him on several Primary History shows on CBBC a while back and she was thrilled.

We watched him tonight tracking down Britain's Real Monarch, which was oddly fascinating.