Thursday, July 28, 2005

Singing in the Rain

Well, dancing and boinging, anyway.

It's bucketed down for most of the day. Very nice. Had our breakfast out in the tent this morning, whilst reading more of Worst Jobs in History and indulging in some barefoot puddle paddling. Today's interesting weather has led to the discovery that said tent is not exactly as waterproof as it should be, though!

After more polly pocket mania this morning, it was back out in the rain for more boinging and soggy but fun play. Emily also played with her rainbow art set, and made six more petal people fairies. Must get some more wire. We've just finished watching Worst Jobs in History, which has sparked an interest in the Stuarts and the civil war, so I daresay we'll be following that up shortly (once I've frantically read something about it so I have the vaguest idea what I'm on about!!). At the moment, Emily's creating posters of her favourite portraits of Henry's wives and Elizabeth.

Had a fun run around at Normanby Hall last night, as we had the place virtually to ourselves. Didn't find any large peacock feathers, and all the birds are now sporting very short tails, so the moult must have finished. Looks like we missed our window of opportunity there! Still, Emily did find lots of short fluffy iridescent peacock feathers, so she was a happy bunny. Last year we didn't get any of the posh colourful ones, but we did get lots of the big brown feathers, and Jon made proper quills out of them for her. We had planned to do some more quill and ink drawing today, but we ran out of time so we'll save that for tomorrow. Along with a million and one other things!

Jon's diabetic check up this morning went very well, as apparently they're impressed with his control. Looks like he won't need tablets after all, which is an Excellent Thing!


Kris said...

Ooh - Normanby hall isn't all that too far from us. Do they do anything interesting during the summer holidays?

Nikki said...

Not anything especially exciting I don't think, no. They have the odd craft day, and I think they have a children's day on Bank Holiday Monday. Whereabouts are you then, Kris? It is Doncaster-ish?