Sunday, July 10, 2005

Swarming Ants...Nice

Our garden is absolutely covered in clouds of swarming, flying ants this afternoon - as spookily predicted by Jon as soon as he got up this morning. Not a pretty sight, frankly, although the swallows and swifts are having a field day.

Not all that much to report, education wise. Emily's last ballet lesson until September was yesterday; since then she's played loads, drawn masses of portraits, watched Midsummer Night's Dream (and impressed us mightily with her grasp of what was going on), learnt how to do chain stitch, spent hours in the garden, watched Narnia for the umpteenth time and generally lazed about doing what 6 year olds do, and using the lid of her sandpit as a paddling pool since us meanie grownups wouldn't put the big one up until tomorrow.

As for us, we've been battling against weekend deadlines as usual, and I've spent rather more of my time than I should have done posting in this thread. At least one lady was honest enough to admit that her hostility towards home education was largely because she knew it would be best for her own children but couldn't quite get herself together to do it. And please, could somebody tell me why we should lose sleep over the fact that our daughter may miss out on a - gasp - music GCSE? Wish I could have missed out on my needlework O level, that's for sure. *Shakes head and gives up on the discussion*.

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HelenHaricot said...

also flying ant day here. i saw them start, so rather non vegetariasnly boiled loads of water and tipped it in the cracks they were coming out of. i hate flying ants