Monday, July 04, 2005

Yay! We Have a Swimmer!

Well, very, very, nearly almost.

Went swimming this afternoon with Romy and Hazel, and Emily was confident enough to try a few strokes without any aids! She did lots and lots of gliding and wasn't bothered about her face getting wet and yes, there were at least a few occasions in there where some real swimming happened. She did amazingly well, we're very proud of how much confidence she's gained over relatively few sessions - think we've only been maybe 5 times in total this year. We're really getting somewhere!

As for "educational" things...well, we sat down to do an English comprehension exercise this morning...and then I found myself looking at Emily, and she was looking at me, and it was obvious we were both thinking the same thing: what on earth was the point? She could read the text, she understood the text, there wasn't really an awful lot to be gained by making her write down the answers. So that was promptly abandoned, and we spent a nice morning instead doing some more of her tapestry and playing lots of games of cards, mostly Fish - in character, of course, with Emily being Anne Boleyn and me being Henry losing his rag because she kept winning. By the time she had been duly carted off to the Tower, it was time to get ready to go out.

There was a flurry of excitement yesterday when we were reading the webpage for Scunthorpe museum - apparently next July they're having a lot of Egyptian artefacts (including mummies) on loan from the British Museum. Well, guess who can't wait? She's already been counting the months to the Tutankhamun exhibition in the Millennium Dome which is happening sometime in 2007..... We'll definitely be taking a short break to visit that. Trouble is, given our business deadlines, we can only really go away for approx 4 days at a time. In May, we went on our first holiday since our honeymoon (8 years ago) and Emily's first ever, and that was only for four days too. There are sooooooo many places we want to take her to in London and the surrounding area.....ahhhh, fond memories, I'm a southern girl at heart I'm afraid....don't know how we'll ever fit it all in!

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well done that fish!