Monday, July 25, 2005


Emily was poorly for much of yesterday, with very bad tummy ache and a high temperature. She did play in the garden for a bit, and started to make a family of Tudor paper dolls using those itty bitty sissix cut out thingies you can get from ebay. Her whole bed, mirror and chest of drawers are covered with itty bitty fairies and mermaids, but this is her first venture into historically correct costume! If anyone hasn't tried that as a craft thing, I'd highly reccommend it. Got the idea from Hazel who bought some sets in May for the guests at Romy's birthday party to use. Emily was hooked, so we bought lots of sets of bodies, wings, dresses etc and over the last couple of months she must have spent hours making them. Itty bitty fest over, she spent much of the rest of the day cuddled up on the settee watching Narnia and various Henry VIII related bits.

She's feeling much better today though - think her recovery was mightily speeded up by the arrival of a new dressing up "gown" from ebay, to share the workload with her blue and red one which is showing signs of some distress and will no doubt be calling in the unions if it doesn't get a day off soon. Emily has loads of dressing up stuff, but the only one (apart from this new one) which looked as it it had a Tudor type split gown was that poor red one!

Lots of maths this morning, and Emily started a scraperfoil cats thing. This afternoon we had a go at making some petal fairies with this kit. That was lots of fun, and definitely something she'll come back to again and again now she's got the hang of it. We sell a lot of the Petal Fairies thing - it's daft, really, we have so many lovely things in stock but we hardly ever get the time to try them out ourselves!!

Had a long chat with Emily yesterday about what she'd like to "learn" that isn't Tudor or Ancient Egypt related. Think I managed (just about) to disguise the fact that I think I'll be certifiably insane if we're still in Tudor mode come September. Predictably enough, she wants to do projects on Greeks, Romans and Vikings next. Although a surprise entry into the top 5 wishlist was trees, and an even more suprising entry was rainforests. Oh and I know she wants to learn more about birds - she's really enjoyed birdwatching from her window and I think she recognises more species than I do now, which is slightly worrying!

I've been reading about someone's problems with North Lincs LEA on one of the yahoo groups. I was rather surprised, actually, as we're North Lincs and after the initial flurry of officious letters in September/October last year they pretty much rolled over and played dead once we repeatedly refused a home visit, refused to show samples of Emily's work, and bored them with chapter and verse of the law - which they either didn't know (can LEAs really be that ignorant?) or were doing a fine job of pretending not to know. We haven't heard from them since, although I'll be interested to see, come September, whether they get in touch demanding an update or not.

Meanwhile, with my business head back on, it looks like we're finally about to get new stock of the reprinted Paul McKenna CDs, after weeks of being out of stock while Mr McKenna faffed about with changing the artwork on them before he'd authorise the reprint. About flippin' time too. We've got backorders and impatient customers coming out of our ears. Looks like there'll be a fair bit of packing to do tonight then!


Little Minx said...

I want one of those fairy kits- details of how to get please :-)

Nikki said...

Hi Roslyn :)
Well, we sell them via ebay - our ebay shop is at - but in the interests of not being self-promoting I should say that you can also get them from amazon, possibly gltc mail order and various other places too. A google for "Petal People" Klutz will probably bring them up :)

Sarah said...

well, in the interests of self promoting I think you should say that you sell them! Might come shopping for one of those myself ;)

Little Minx said...

I agree!! I always sell promote our shop- got bills to pay and all that! I shall visit eBay.