Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Attack of the Tooth Fairy....

Well, not yet. But Emily does have a wobbly tooth, and given the panic that induces round these parts you'd think it was an imminent Attack of the Tooth Fairy as opposed to a relatively painless way of obtaining some cash under the pillow. Bless her, she's quite squeamish, and although the first two teeth to come out about 18 months ago were handled very calmly the last one (must be about 9 months ago) was a bit of a bloodbath and caused major hysterics....we shall look forward to this one with bated breath, although the small person has announced that she won't be eating anything else EVER in case it makes it wobblier. Should make meals a breeze, then.

Went into Scunthorpe this morning to collect Emily's new glasses, and had a fairly bizarre conversation with the lady in the opticians. She asked Emily "shouldn't you be at school today?" in what I must say was a very confrontational tone of voice. Emily was a bit taken aback (more at the tone than the question) but did manage to answer "No." "No??!" the woman repeated, looking at me accusingly. "No," I said. "Emily's home educated." After picking herself up off the floor and re-arranging her features into an even more disapproving look, she got her act together with "How many other children do you have, then?" "Er, none, just Emily." If she'd gone any paler I would have had to seriously consider calling an ambulance, I think. "Oh," says she. "Oh. Is that allowed then? I mean, the authorities don't like children to be isolated." Pardon??? She's far from isolated says me, slightly taken aback by this approach. "Are you sure it's legal?" she says. "I would have thought it wasn't allowed if there's just the one child."

Okaaaay. Excuse us while we go forth and procreate.

We did go to the 20/21 Visual Arts Centre, with the intention of showing Daddy what it's like, as he's never been there. Unfortunately, we picked a pooey day to go, as there was zilch happening - they were changing over exhibitions and everything was empty and blocked off. Pity, as there's usually lots of activities for children to do. Last time we went with Romy and Hazel they had a big tub of saris and other Indian and Pakistani clothing and headdresses with a mirror - they had a ball with that! Shame there was nothing there today.

Back at home, Jon and Emily played in the garden all afternoon, while I got on with some work. And Emily rediscovered her interest in neopets and bought a Christmas paint brush for her Aisha.


Jules said...

I never fail to be surprised anymore by some people's responses to the idea of home ed. Shocking!

Jax said...

That takes the biscuit, I've come across ppl complaining when you are home educating more than one child, but not the other way around...Tim (dp) thinks it sounds like a great idea, demanding that you have multiple offspring, but I think you can probably see through to his motivation there ;)