Thursday, December 22, 2005

Absolutely Livid: Business Related Rant

Well, we were, although we've calmed down a little now. Had a threatening letter from a certain "world's most famous hypnotist" (according to him) and his solicitors, demanding that we remove five of his products from sale and undertake to never sell them again, and threatening to sue us for profits made thereon. Now, any regular readers may recall the considerable time, effort and expense Jon went to in preparing to attend a court case ***in support*** of this same hypnotist's legal action against his record label. At the end of which, we were told that the titles in question were being withdrawn, but that all existing retailers were to be permitted to sell off existing stock, which is what we were doing. Mr Hypnotist has evidently done a U-turn. Again.

Well now, that's his perogative I'm sure, but to be threatened in that way after all the effort we went to. Well. Since he appears to be so litigation happy I'll refrain from commenting in public as to my opinion of the man, but let's just say we're disgusted. I daresay we could have taken our own legal advice and stood up to the demands which, I'm fairly sure, have no basis in law. As a matter of principle, however - because we have more important things to do with our lives and our time - we've chosen instead to just eradicate him and all of his products from our business lives completely. Be damned if we're going to comply with someone's little power games by being ditcated to over which items of theirs we can and cannot sell. Could hit our new year motivational/self help sales pretty badly, but hell, that's not the point. Don't want to be associated with that particular "brand" any more, thanks very much.

Anyway. Apart from being so downright childish/petty/insert-your-own-adjective, that particualar development could be seen as a blessing in disguise. We've been umming and aaahing about the direction our online shop sales are taking, and this looks likely to be the prod we needed to take things off for a total re-vamp and re-think. Come New Year, we'll be looking to switch from Actinic to (perhaps) OS Commerce (assuming I can make head or tail of it), streamlining everything, moving to a new domain and switching directions slightly. All good, positive, long overdue stuff. Funny how it takes something nasty to really give you the impetus to change things for the better.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, it's still nearly Christmas. Jon's doctor's appointment was cautiously positive, we'll have to wait and see what happens with that. Emily's spent the day still wrapping presents (ever get the feeling you may have overspent?) and this afternoon we've made various homemade choccies: dark chocolate covered Brazils for Gramps, milk choc marzipan balls for Nana, and milk and white chocolate rum truffles for everyone. Emily had a ball shaping the truffle balls from the half solidified choc, cream and rum - she looked like a chocolate covered elf by the time she'd finished!

She's also played a lot on this site/ which Hazel pointed out to us a few days ago. Great games!

Tomorrow Romy and Hazel are coming to play which will be fun, assuming I can clear up our sitting room sufficiently to give them somewhere to sit. Then lo, it shall be Christmas Eve - and we'll still have a Yule Log to bake, Christmas cards to make and probably - at this rate - pressies to wrap before the long-awaited carol service.

10 days until Emily's birthday and counting. Had an awful dream last night - that her birthday afternoon had arrived and I hadn't prepared anything for this party: no decorations, no activities/games in mind, no food, no party bags, no nothing. I had to run around like mad trying to amuse some very disappointed and bored children whilst trying to pretend that this was how I'd meant it to be all along and ignore the hurt and embarrassment on Emily's face. Horrible stuff, woke up really shaken. Suppose I'd better actually get something concrete worked out before I get another kick up the bottom from my subconscious which is clearly more organised than the rest of me!


Kris said...

(((hugs))) for the dream. Could have been worse, you could have been doing all that naked. ;) When I was at college I always used to dream I was handing in my assignment sans clothes, especially if I was late doing it.

And more hugs for the legal crap. Like his solicitors have nothing better to do with themselves at this time of year. If you need anyone to 'test' new merchandise, just give me a shout. lol

Jax said...

I know a fair bit about oscommerce, do feel free to yell in my direction for advice :)

Oh, and happy holidays!

Jules said...

Just wanted to wish you all a very happy Christmas :-)
I hope 2006 is a healthy, happy, and successful year for you.

Love and blessings
Jules xx