Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Enchanted Narnia

At last - proper snow!

Today was set to be a busy day with a doctor's visit, hectic orders, writing deadlines and umpteen trips to the post office for Jon laden down with packages. But overnight the snow fairy finally did her magic. There's something utterly enchanting about waking up to a winter wonderland - never fails.

So despite our busy schedule, Emily and I were out in the swow before breakfast:

She's spent most of the day outdoors with one or other of us. We took the kittens out for their first taste of snow, which Romeo enjoyed rather more than Juliet did, and we had fun identifying the various animal tracks we found in the garden.
Later on while I got on with work, Jon and Emily went off for a wintery walk to Scotter Church and its surrounding beautiful, pristine woodland which of course was instantly christened Narnia. Here, because after all snow doesn't happen very often "round these parts" is a large selection of pics:
Climbing over the stile into Narnia

This is soooo much fun!

Tree Climbing

In the magical climbing tree

A well earned rest in Narnia

Throwing snowballs at Dadddy from the tree

A sleeping snow queen

and two views of Scotter Church looking rather pretty in its seasonal coat:

Made a snow cat in the garden too, and finally made it inside just before dusk!

We've just finished setting up this National Geographic Rock Tumbler which was another of Emily's presents from Nana and Gramps. Think she surprised Gramps because she could already identify the rough stones which came with it without needing to use the reference chart, lol. She's really looking forward to making Daddy a Tigers Eye pendant and me a Carnelian ring in a couple of weeks when the whole tumbling process is finished. We've got an easy source of rough gemstones via one of our wholesalers (plus the beach near the caravan which is famous for its agate) so this could hopefully turn into a hobby which runs and runs.

Had a phone call from the Mum of one of Emily's old school friends today, confirming that her daughter can come to Emily's party. We had a lovely long chat and a catch up, so that was a nice way to round off what's turned out to be a much, much nicer day than the one we were anticipating!

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Kris said...

I'm afraid we can't come to Emily's party. :( Seems I have to lead a convoy of Discoverys round south Yorks/north Lincs for the day, then suffer a pub dinner.

Really sorry about that - will take Myf shopping to find something suitably glittering to pop in the post asap.