Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Relax, It's Nearly Christmas :-)

Emily's over the worst of her cold now, although Sunday was pretty bad. Unfortunately, I've now got it (and it's horrrribblle) which means Jon's in line for getting it smack bang over Christmas itself. I'm sure he'll love cooking Christmas Dinner with a raging sore throat and a temperature :-( He's also in some considerable discomfort from "a man thing" we thought had been resolved (and I'm sure he'll love me telling the world that...) so it's back to the doc on Thursday for him. Double :-(

Health niggles aside though, things are going pretty well. Suspiciously so, in fact. I shouldn't feel this calm with 4 days to go until Christmas and 12 to birthday. I'm sure something will crop up and bite me on the bum when I least expect it, though, but for the moment we're about as serene as we ever get.

Emily went out for the day with Nana and Gramps today and came back laden with goodies, some of which she kept hidden until she could shut herself in her room with wrapping paper and tape, emerging later with a big grin and some secret pressies. :-)) Here she is with Nana comparing notes on the shopping spree:
The temporary child-free zone meant Jon and I could finally get to grips with the large pile of pressies that has been cluttering up the bedroom, so we spent the day doing our traditional what's-for-Xmas-what's-for-birthday sort through. Everyone's presents are now accounted for, apart from one or two from ebay which have failed to arrive. Hrrrmppph. How come we run around like a madly running around thing getting orders out to people to make sure they catch the last recommended post (today), but when I order something from someone else, two weeks ago in some cases, they just can't be bothered??

Anyway. So. Apart from the above-mentioned last minute order packing today, orders have dwindled now. Part of the cycle, I guess people aren't ordering now because they know they can't rely on getting stuff in time for The Big Day. It'll go potty again with a New Year self-help/motivation rush, so we're not too worried. Plus it gives us a chance to actually b-r-e-a-t-h-e. All the writing deadlines have been met (just) with the exception of a certain mobile phone company who wanted 40,000 words by Christmas. And which I said they could have. On the 3rd December. And which they could have had, except that they have yet to send me the rest of the spec. I'm fully expecting it to arrive tomorrow. With two working days to go. Ahem. Doormat I may well be, but that one 'aint going to happen.

Education-wise - well, the usual Christmassy stuff. *looks around shiftily when someone asks what that actually is*. Lots of arts and crafts. Oh and lots of Christmas poetry reading too, so that counts. We still have Christmas cards to make for friends and family, choccies to make for family and a yule log cake to make, but hey, we'll fit it in somewhere. Even the kittens are slightly calmer. Looked everywhere for Romeo this morning. Found him curled up on the windowsill, behind the blind, on a pile of crimble cards we've yet to put up. Awww, bless!

Oh yes, and there's a party to plan too. Still don't know what that will actually *involve* as such, although I do now know that the room will look rather fab. Well, I think so anyway. Last time we held a party for Emily was for her 5th birthday, and I was a nervous wreck for weeks beforehand. This time I'm rather more chilled. I'm sure it will be just fine. And I might actually get to enjoy it too. I must be mellowing in my old age. Hold that thought.

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