Saturday, December 31, 2005

Kitty Igloo

Romeo and Juliet in an igloo Emily made for them on top of her bed.
Ordered new collars for them today from Kitty Collars - very cute! The ones we originally bought from ebay when they were tiny don't have any elastic in, so aren't safe. Grrrr. Then we bought a second lot from various petshops, but they're not soft enough to sit right. Sigh. Finally settled on two today that have quick release fittings, ID tags and are lovely and soft. Hopefully should finally do the job then! As soon as the collars arrive they're having one day wearing them indoors to get used to them....and then kitty freedom beckons. Still quite scared of letting them go, but they're nearly seven months old now, and desperate to go out. Can't keep them indoors forever, and wouldn't want to in any case.....I feel that cats need more freedom than, wish us luck for those first few nail-biting days!

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