Saturday, December 03, 2005

Tree's Up!

Yes, yesterday we braved it and put up the Christmas tree. Emily loved decorating it, and was especially pleased to re-discover some of the most precious decorations, ones Aunty Barbara and Uncle David gave her each year when she was little and ones she made at playgroup before she started school. She also had fun decorating her bed with (fake) holly, bows and tinsel so it's now a Chritmas Princess' bed. Surprisingly, the kittens showed hardly any interest in the tree or the bed yesterday afternoon and last night.

Bedtime was rather fraught though, as Emily suddenly developed a panic about what if the kittens broke her special decorations. No amount of reassurance seemed to work, and I'm afraid I rather lost patience and said a few ill judged things along the lines of "If Christmas decorations are more important than the kittens perhaps we shouldn't have had kittens in the first place. Perhaps we should take them back." Which, naturally enough, didn't exactly help. Ahem. Another bad Mummy moment. Still, all was resolved in the end - the most special decorations have now come down and been wrapped up to keep safe for next year when kit-bits are no longer kits-bits and will presumably be less manic.

Because manic they certainly have been this morning. They've had a ball this morning climbing the tree, pulling branches out, playing football with baubles, dragging tinsel around the house, getting their heads stuck in the frame round Emily's bed, eating her pretend robin (!) and much more jolly fun besides. Sigh. Think I was lulled into a false sense of security yesterday when they weren't that fussed. But then they do tend to sleep most of the afternoon having been manic in the mornings, so I guess I just hadn't bargained for Morning Christmas Kittie Play Heaven.

Meanwhile, work is still potty and busier than we can manage. We've had some very productive discussions about where we're headed with the business in the New Year, though, so that's quite exciting. I've got plans to get a lot more structured with Emily in the new year too. She's had way too much time left to her own devices recently, and although up to a point that suits us and I can see the benefit of it for Emily too, beyond that point I don't think it's benefiting either Emily or us. Hmmm. We shall see how things develop.


Kris said...

Must be something in the air - we've had a few of those moments of lost patience and bad Mommy moments... all to frequently at the mo. It happens, I guess, especialy with the stress of the holidays and such.

We need more structure too. Can't think straight due to building work though, but once the playroom is finished, Myf'll have a desk and she'll be using it! (she says hopefully)

Jax said...

end of year and we're all thinking of new starts. Have already got cracking on some business plans, got to fit them in as and when really.

Oh, and rofl @ christmas kitty play heaven.