Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Christmas Crafts & Party Planning

Well, despite my best efforts to hold back the tide of time (we're simply not ready for December!!) both Christmas Day and Emily's Birthday are approaching with relentless speed.

So it was time to get organised. We've finally bought some pressies. It's a killer having Christmas and Birthday within a week of each other. Thank heavens for the trusty bits of plastic tucked away in the wallet.

Meanwhile, we've got a Winter Snow Queen birthday party to plan. And orders are still flooding in. And writing deadlines are approaching with speed. And we've got family Christmas presents to make. And the email never stops arriving and the phone never stops ringing. It's slightly busy up here just now.

Among all the chaos, there has been the odd productive moment. On Saturday, Emily had a wonderful time at ballet, practising for a Christmas show they're putting on next week. Meanwhile, Jon went Christmas shopping in Ashby high street, and managed to find all the presents he'd told me about previously - I was supposed to be getting them when I took Emily to ballet last week, but couldn't find any of them!! I contest that we must have been visiting two different high streets. I'm not rubbish at shopping. Can't be. We females are supposed to be good at that. It's in the genes, apparently. Although I loathe shopping - which might explain why I failed my Xmas shopping mission dismally.....good job Jon's there to go back and get all the bits I failed to spot!

Emily spent a happy couple of hours on Saturday afternoon doing a British Kings and Queens jigsaw obtained from the charity shop for a bargain 50p, and making some chocolates to hang on the tree. On Sunday morning she helped Nana and Gramps decorate their Christmas tree, while I attempted to get some work done. Sunday afternoon we played, faffed about a lot and Emily did some window art from this Klutz set which turned out very nicely indeed, especially with half a ton of glitter added to it.

Yesterday I packed orders all morning, Jon rushed about like a madly rushing about thing and Emily did LOTS of drawing and art. We finally had a breather to sit together in the afternoon, and made the most of it with two big crafty sessions - the first to make frosty branches with glittering leaves:

and the second to make tissue paper baubles.

We're off to visit Hazel & Romy this afternoon and do some glass painting, which sounds lovely. After which that'll be another day ticked off leaving only 26 days until our baby girl is 7!!!!!!!

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