Saturday, December 17, 2005


Emily's got a stinking cold. Yesterday she threw up all over the bathroom floor (and no, I still can't find the febreeze), this afternoon's she's been sick twice. She slept in little ten mintue bursts last night, has a raging temperature, a sore throat and a general air of misery :-(

Still, I guess at least we're getting it out of the way now and this does mean (hopefully) that she won't be poorly over Christmas and her birthday. We were only saying the other day that it had been a while since her last cold. Talk of the devil, and all that. Sigh.

Well, Wednesday we went to see The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe film. It wasn't quite as magical as I'd hoped, but it was a good film all the same. Mind you, my tolerance for it may have been somewhat underminded by having sat through nearly 40 minutes of adverts before it started, at which point my legs were already wanting to be elsewhere. Emily loved it, but I agree with Hazel's mention on her blog that I'm surprised it was a PG. It was definitely uncomfortable viewing in some parts, especially Aslan's humiliation and death at the stone table.

Thursday we went to the HE Christmas party with Hazel, Colin and Romy. That was good fun in parts, although Emily really doesn't cope well with extremely boisterious groups which led to some tears and uncomfortable moments. Friday we tried very hard to get some work done, gave up and had lots of cuddles instead. We also spent lots of time making decoupage photo frames for Nana, Gramps and Gradnad for Christmas, each painted a different colour with symbols of their favourite things on.

Today Emily was invited to Romy's Taekwondo Christmas party. We went along early with Hazel and Colin to watch Romy's lesson, and were very impressed :-)) Unfortunately, Emily's poorliness had really kicked in before the party actually started, and we had to leave early as she was crying, shivering, shaking and about to be sick.

So as weeks go, it's been a bit of a mixture of laughter and fun with a fairly large dose of tears thrown in for good measure. Not just Emily's either. We've got masses of deadlines to meet before Monday; we have more orders than we can cope with; I still have very little idea on what's happening with this birthday party; we can't move for boxes; kittens are driving us up the wall; and assorted other stresses and strains are beginning to show too. Time to pull selves together, get a reality check and realise that life is supposed to be FUN!

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a said...

Hope she is better soon, as you say, it should be over in time to really enjoy Christmas, Ali