Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Did you get the beer, darling? Even better than that...

Sigh. I am so not a born shopper. Braved Tescos today. There was just one - one! - item on my list, and that was a box of beer. Emily and I came back several hours later with a boot full of stuff that we didn't need. And no beer. I'd completely forgotten about it. Although to be fair, in my defence, I was going to get some more wine, but having worked out that the wine aisles were so crowded you couldn't fit a cork down them let alone a trolley and a nearly seven year old, I abandoned that thought, and with it, evidently, thoughts of any other kind of alcohol. Oh well. Daresay we'll survive. I'm not going anywhere near the shops again until after IT is over, that's for sure.

Emily's cold seems to have come back, but she's made a valiant effort this afternoon at making some Christmas cards for our nearest and dearest, and wrapping pressies. It seems I may have spoken too soon about the slow down in orders, since today's been busy on that front, most of them accompanied by "delivery before Christmas please" requests. Yes, Madam, I'll just go and saddle up the reindeer.

Jon's reading Emily "Not the End of the World" by Geraldine McCaughrean at bedtimes as the moment. It's a dark, fictional re-telling of the Noah story, written from the point of view of a young daughter who has to cope with the violence, wonder why they're not saving any humans, deal with the second-class nature of being a female at that time, and so on. Brilliant book, has made her think and question such a lot. Two interesting reviews of it here and here. Exquisitely written. It deals with a lot of difficult issues so it's not a light and giggly book by any means, but I'd highly recommend it to anyone wanting something thought provoking and moving.

Jon's in a lot of pain, which is obviously causing a great deal of concern. We're looking for some answers from the doctor tomorrow. Why is that if you search on the internet for information on a women's health issue you get more information than you can shake a stick at. Search for a male issue and the information is woefully inadequate. Likewise with clinics, screenings etc. Seems we womenfolk are rather better cared for than the blokes. Our surgery does at least have a well woman clinic but ask them about a well man clinic and they look at you as if you've just landed a spaceship on their lawn. Grmrrrmmmpphhh.

Well, I'm off to wrap both presents and orders. One with rather more glee than the other.

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Kris said...

Oh, I do hope everyone perks up in time for Sunday. (((Hugs))) for Jon and Emily. You might try asking Emma (Making the Most of Life) about links for men's stuff. She must have scanned every website on the subject in the last year.