Thursday, December 01, 2005

Christmas Is Coming

I seem to have lost the art of regular blogging. This may have something to do with being snowed under with orders - blogging kinda takes a backseat when you have upwards of 300 items to pick and pack of an evening. Still, it's all good. Obviously. Even if it doesn't always feel that way at this time of night.

Let's see, what's been happening? Well, over the last couple of days Emily's done some baking - we tried making nice star biscuits with boiled sweets in the middle, a la Usborne Christmas Cooking book....but they turned into what Emily named Boiled Sweet Explosions instead...boiled sweets somehow managed to melt to cover the entire baking sheet (so tough it took me ages to get the darned things off) rather than sitting neatly in their little circles as they were supposed to. Grrrr. We've also been Christmas shopping to....wait for it.... Tescos. OK, so we didn't get anything very exotic, although we did pick up a new party/Xmas/Birthday outfit for Emily since she's well and truly outgrown last year's offering. She's grown over an inch during November. Clothes can't keep up!!

Some vaguely educational things went on yesterday too, but I can't quite remember what. I think I'm suffering from stress induced amnesia.

Today we had a ball. Romy and Hazel came over to play, make gingerbread biscuits and make hanging angels - to hang on the tree, that is, not an exercise in capital punishment! The girls seemed to have enormous fun weighing, measuring, mixing, rubbing, kneading, cutting out and then icing and sprinkling. Hugely messy but rather tasty too!

Emily has decided that December is official Crafts Month (like she ever has a month that isn't) and wants to do "at least" one craft a day from here so it should be a busy month! We haven't got our tree and decorations down from the attic yet (although tomorrow is pencilled in for that, if we get ten minutes to breathe) but a little pink fibre optic tree I ordered from ebay **weeks** ago finally did put in an appearance today just in time to delight a certain small person, and is taking pride of place in her bedroom adorned with her (already large!) collection of home made decorations. The kittens think it's rather entertaining too.

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