Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Worry Fairy Bank

Emily designed a worry fairy bank last night while Jon was reading to her at bedtime. She can never just sit and listen, lol, she always has to be drawing or making something at the same time. Takes after her Daddy in that respect. Me, I can do "sit still quietly" for hours at a time given half a chance....

Anyway, it was very endearing. She came trotting out of her bedroom to show me what she'd done. It's a big folded chart with a pocket on the front, and the idea is that she writes her worries on slips of paper, puts them into the worry fairy bank, and overnight the worry fairy comes to check what's bothering her and makes the worries disappear. Awww, bless!

I must confess I sneaked a peek (with permission!) at what was written on the current bank deposits. To my relief it didn't feature such things as "not getting enough Christmas presents" or "not getting a decent education". Our little one is evidently worried about fires, aliens, people getting ill and black holes and the sun burning out. Ah yes, the black holes/dying sun issue is back to haunt us again. That all started about a year ago, when we thought we'd do a space project. Got a lovely book and Emily vanished off to read it. Next thing we knew she was sobbing her heart out because she'd read about black holes and that one day the sun may die thereby robbing us poor souls of a half decent world in which to live. Needless to say, the space project never really got off the ground after that, but that particular worry still rears up every now and then :-(

Anyway, as far as I know the worry fairy did come to visit in the night, because I asked Emily this morning how she felt about her worries and she said they'd all gone. Apart from the dying sun. Sigh. Not much we can do about that one.

Yesterday we took Grandad for a blood test and then braved the High Street on a pressie buying mission. Didn't buy anything at all for all the people we were supposed to be buying for, but did buy some more snow queen party stuff which cheered us up no end. Town centre was packed, heaving and horrid. Thank heavens for the internet.

Today we've done tons and tons of mental maths, which went astonishingly well. We had carols playing all the way through which seems to have helped, rather than distracted. Hmmm. May investigate a musical background for our work in future. We also went off to see Cinderella in the theatre. Yet again, for the second year running, we were the only non-school people in the building, and yet again it was absolute murder, with several of the little "darlings" kicking the backs of our chairs throughout, with their adult supervisors either unable or unwilling to stop them. The din was deafening and the panto was a good half hour too long - but Emily thoroughly enjoyed it which is after all what matters. Next year though we are NOT going to the panto before the schools break up!!!

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Sarah said...

Love the idea of the worry fairy. Happy Christmas, by the way - still very much following your blog here just don't have time to comment. Love to all of you, Sarah xx.