Saturday, December 10, 2005

Christmas Ballet and a Visit from Santa

Emily did her Christmas ballet show today, which was lovely. Here she is in her Miss Christmas outfit afterwards. She spent ages the other day writing out her Christmas cards, so she distributed some at ballet today, together with a party invitation for her friend Kayleigh. We've had four acceptances for the party now, so we're just waiting to hear from two of Emily's old school friends; she sent invitations in the post to them yesterday.

Plans to turn a room downstairs into a magical winter grotto for the party are, um, proceeding apace. Kinda.

Meanwhile, Santa came on an "early scouting visit" to our street this evening in a big lit up (and exceptionally noisy) sleigh, pulled rather disappointingly by a knackered old volvo instead of the requisite team of prancing reindeer. Still, he and his elves were very jolly and loved Emily's Miss Christmas dress (was unable to prise her out of it once ballet was over). She sat with the man himself in his sleigh and told him what she wanted for Christmas and he promised (rather rashly, if you ask me) to do his best. Hmmm. Thanks Santa.


Hazel said...

You look beautiful in that dress Emily :o)

Kris said...

That is a scrumptious dress :)

Santa came down our street too a few nights ago - lots of helpers in flourescent jackets, sleigh pulled by a people carrier of sorts. Tea asked where the reindeer were - I told her Santa didn't want to tire them out before xmas eve! He did seem very pleased to see my three hanging over the back of the sofa, waving like mad out of the window. Probably as there aren't that many small children on this road, and he spotted them, stood up and waved at them until he was out of sight down the hill. Made everyone's night, that did.