Friday, December 09, 2005

Downsizing the Christmas Tree

OK, I finally cracked. After "fixing" the Christmas tree on average five times a day for the last week, I've had enough. We now have a much smaller Christmas tree, since it's had the bottom half of its branches removed and all tinsel, decorations and assorted shiny kitten attractors replaced at a high level. Look at them - the picture of injured innocence...

Honestly, the kittens have gone completely potty. Pottier than potty. We're now all bearing the scars of a week in which anything that moves, tinsellated or not, has been attacked. Grrmmmph.

On a trip into the garden earlier this week, Romeo decided to eat some bird seed that we'd scattered about. Later that evening, we noticed a yukky stink. A certain kitten had done an extremely runny poo (too much information, I know) all over our bed....and all over the stock which had just been unpacked on our bed. "No, Mrs Customer, I'm afraid I have no idea why your Archangel Oracle Cards whiff a bit. It's a mystery." Minutes later, with several very expensive hardback books in the bin bag, Romeo decided to throw up with a vengeance. Nice. That's what you get if you have a kitten that eats EVERYTHING. Grrrmmpph again.

We had a fabulous time glass painting at Romy's on Monday afternoon. The finished items were supposed to be presents, but Emily decided she likes them so much she doesn't want to part with them, lol!

We've spent this morning designing and making party invitations and generally faffing about with festive crafty stuff. Earlier on in the week we did lots of maths, and started on a KS2 Year 3 English book with lots of work on prefixes and suffixes.

Healthwise, Emily went to the dentist yesterday and was given a glowing bill of health. Jon went for a diabetic eye check up on Wednesday, and still has near perfect vision. Grandad apparently needs yet another blood test. Honestly. Still, I guess everyone needs a hobby. Some people paint, some people knit, Grandad has blood tests.

Busy week next week - we're going to the pantomime on Tuesday, on Wednesday we're off to see the Lion, Witch & Wardrobe film with Hazel and Romy and on Thursday it's the local home education group Christmas Party. Romy has also invited Emily to the Christmas party at her Taekwondo club, which should be fun. Last ballet tomorrow, so Emily gets to go in fancy dress and put on a show for proud parents.

Having somewhat rashly agreed to this Snow Queen party malarky, I'm now spending large amounts of time trying to come up with exciting party ideas. More grrrmmph. And Christmas won't stop getting closer. And we have four major writing deadlines to meet between now and Xmas, plus we've got a new commission from a mobile phone company the deadlines for which are also urgent. Ho-ho-ho!


Kris said...

I feel somewhat better now - your to do list is a tad longer than mine! :) So I'm not the only crazy one running around like a headless chicken in the fortnight before Yule.

Which books went in the bin? I'm such a sad bookaholic, my first thought was 'were they really that bad you had to throw them away?', and my second thought was 'febreeze!!!'


Jax said...

I am not writing a todo list, it's too depressing. My birthday is two weeks before Chrimble, Big's three weeks after, my sister's and her daughter's on New Years Eve, and my mother early january. And I wonder why the budget is always tight...

Nikki said...

Kris, the books were "not nice" by the time we found them - although hardback, we'd left them pages upward and it had, um, soaked in. We did manage to wipe clean some of the sealed oracle decks that had been sprayed though!

Jax, that's a to-do list and a half! Happy imminent birthday!